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Children spend a lot of time playing with toys, some of which aren’t necessarily safe for the eyes. For children under 6 years of age, if you can’t avoid toys that propel objects in the air, such as slingshots, dart guns or arrows, make sure to supervise children playing with similar toys. If your older child plays with toys that involve construction work or reactive liquids such as a chemistry set, make sure he/she wears safety goggles. Sports-related eye injuries are on the rise because children don’t realize that their eyes are at risk while playing. It is recommended that children wear eye protection for any sports and recreational activities that involve flying objects, rough contact with other players, or running. Children need to protect their eyes from the sun too, as they tend to spend more time playing outdoors and in direct sunlight, which makes them exposed to harmful UV rays. And because the lens in children’s eyes doesn’t filter as much UV light as in adults’, it is recommended that children wear sunglasses when spending a great deal of time playing in the sun.