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Maldor was founded in 2013 by a passionate Optometrist whose guiding principle is to provide a one stop shop that offers accessible, affordable, innovative and quality eye care services and products.

Maldor is a well integrated group that focuses on provision of quality eye care  services in a very conducive environment with the use of state of the art equipment , a world class optical laboratory that utilizes the latest technology in the production of premium and customized optical lenses, and finishing,an exotic eye wear gallery with extensive selection of latest eye wear brands from all over the world including Maldor brand and a contact lens section. Our doctors and staff are well trained and committed and they make every visit worthwhile.

Vision Statement

To bridge the yawning gap in provision of innovative and high quality eye care delivery services.

Mission Statement

To provide quality eye care that is state of the art, innovative, integrated, accessible, affordable and appropriate to patient needs.

Our Value

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Providing services in a spirit of empathy, love and concern.


Committed to highest ethical standard and conduct demonstrating

devotion to duty and services to others.


Committed to a supportive environment that encourages new

ideas and creativity, why working tirelessly on improvement.


Treating everyone fairly in recognition of their intrinsic worth.


Committed to providing world class best practice.


Dedicated to creating safe environment  for our patients & staff

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Whats makes us different?

Maldor Eyecare Center believes that eye examination is a great opportunity to educate people.We embrace latest technology in our facility as a way to demonstrate to patients of our commitment in ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment .Maldor is committed to providing access to first class quality eyecare to all, irrespective of class at an affordable price. Maldor Eyecare as an eye center has continuously contributed to the society by organizing free eye care activities and projects annually 


Our Projects include the following; 

  • Annual eye camp in rural areas and that has been running for 3years now . We cater for more than 1000 patients yearly, offering them free eye test, free glasses, and medication.
  • We offer free eye services, medications and glasses to The little Sisters of the poor home for the  Elderly in Enugu and the programme has been ongoing for 2years now 
  • Twice yearly we throw our Eye Center open to people to come and have their eyes checked free and the programme run for 30days on each occasion.

Months in a row


Frames and Lens

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