No 38 Gana Street Maitaima, Abuja Nigeria +234 8038-728-953

Eye Clinic

We utilize latest computerized state of the art equipment and accurate advances in diagnostic procedures, treatment and management of eye disorders and diseases

Optical Lens Lab

We embraced the latest technology in optical lens production that is used in advanced countries so as to bring quality and excellence home at a more affordable rate.

Eyewear Gallery

where you can shop varieties of eyewear you can trust, satisfying your aesthetic and visual needs, we have options of bulk sale to eye clinic, shops and retail to individuals. Eyewear is an important fashion accessory.

Contact Lens Unit

where we offer large selection of both prescription and cosmetic contact lenses of different brands and colours ensuring a perfect fit for every eye shape, prescription and lifestyle needs


We know your vision is important to you, its also very important to us, thats why at Maldor we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality and personalized eye care offering the highest quality eyewear and lenses to you and your family. There is a misconception about eye wear and other vision products being the same .. the truth is that not all eyecare products are the same, there is a huge difference, variance in quality and craftsmanship put into quality.We only use top quality materials to provide you with the best eyecare products because you deserve it 

  • 1 Day Express Service

  • Free After Sales Maintenance

  • Contact Lens Fitting & Training

  • Comprehensive & Quality Eye Examination

  • Eye Emrgency Services

  • 1 Month Guarantee on Progressive Adaptation


Get latest industry information, tips on eye care, health and wellnes,

existing & upcoming eye wear fashion trends.